Hi! Welcome to Studio CC&D…Creative Consulting & Design! We are Cora, Charla & David. A creative trio that came about quite organically. We are one part friends and two parts a couple (Charla & David that is). After years of working together on multiple projects of our own personal interest and businesses, we decided to combine creative forces to help other entrepreneurs.

We are frequently asked…”Who did your site? Who did your logo? Who amped up your social media presence?” When our answer was frequently “we did”, we decided that it was time to share what we were doing for ourselves with others.

All three of us found our calling together in design, coding, and visual storytelling. What’s your story? We want to tell it and share it with the world!

What’s New

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The Boss Lady

The Designer

The Nerd


Our mission is to empower creative brands in their online presence. We design and build custom WordPress sites to tell your story so you may effectively market your business or product online.


Three are better than one! Together we work to combine design & user experience, coding & development, visual & storytelling on your custom branding and site.


Your purpose is our passion! We thrive on helping other creatives make their vision come to life. 


We’re fun…no, really we are! We promise to make this experience as enjoyable as possible. After all, we’re putting your heart & soul online for the world to see. This is something to celebrate not fear. We got your back.